About Us

The Women of Worth program is run by Dynamic Exchange - the trusted partner in personal, business and community transformation.

We have 3 decades of experience working as facilitators in diverse environments that include supporting and empowering women in their personal and professional growth. Our style of facilitation stems from working with corporate leaders, and an experiential learning approach that draws on a vast background of creativity from working in the performing arts industry.

Between us we have facilitated over 1,000 women in corporate and community programs that have included the development of self-awareness, empowerment and inspirational leadership.

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Our Team:

Annalise Jennings: Director, Dynamic Exchange and Founder, Women of Worth

Annalise is a highly experienced business and community strategist who uses risk culture and governance principles to deliver sustainable outcomes across various industry sectors and community organisations, locally and globally. She spent 25 years in Corporate Banking, where as a senior manager, she won an international business excellence award.

Annalise’s programs are a combination of strategy formulation and mindset-shifting activities, through practices of ‘Mindfulness, Visualisation and Mentoring.’ Over the past 20 years she has designed and delivered a range of programs including Risk Culture, Women of Worth and Community Restoration and Change. She is the creator of Whole of Community Change – a blue print for economic development, social change and spiritual growth, designed to bring about social transformation and self determination for indigenous communities. In recognition of this work, Annalise was a finalist in the prestigious 2016 Banskia Foundation Sustainability Awards.

Christine Mahoney: Founder, Women of Worth

Chrissy has had a lifelong interest in people, and loves the stories that come from our individual journeys. She studied to be a professional actor at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), and worked in theatre, film and TV. With a long and successful career in the performing arts, Chrissy has also worked in the area of organizational change and innovation.

Trying to understand why we fight and hurt each other, Chrissy decided to study conflict resolution and mediation, and continues to encourage people to empower themselves by engaging in processes of healing and self awareness. She also continues to pursue spiritual wisdom. She is committed to assisting individuals and communities to develop a greater connection with their authentic selves, and discover what their valued contribution can be.

Chrissy has been facilitating workshops with women for a number of years, and believes:

 “… we are all extraordinary in our own way, and there’s always much more to us than meets the eye… “


Our Clients

Our past clients include ANZ Bank, Asia Pacific Retreat Centre, Customs Border Protection, Dysons Group of companies, Vetyard Shipping and more.

We have run specialist workshops for women experiencing domestic violence and women in Indigenous communities. We have also conducted career and life coaching for over 250 women throughout northern Queensland, run coaching and mentoring sessions for female corporate managers, and facilitated women's programs for female managers in South Korea.  

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