Our Program

Time is precious. It's rare we find time for ourselves.

The WOW program is a nurturing and supportive environment. It provides time for you - time for enquiry and discovery, inner renewal, and the ability to transform and manage stress. It is a safe space for women to come together and be empowered. 

We combine this self-discovery with the opportunity to build self-esteem and self-belief. These are the foundations of inspirational leadership. 

Women are already leaders: in family, in their community and in the workplace.

At WOW, we become better leaders by exploring;

•   Who am I?
•   What do I stand for?
•   What do I deeply value?
•   Where am I going to next?
•   What is my purpose and contribution?

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is centred on the strength of women. By looking inward, women explore their potential, positive core and sense of worth.

This shapes a framework for creating personal, community and even global goals - engaging female leadership and pioneering spirit. 

Women of Worth centres on positivity and possibility. Rather than magnifying our deficiencies, needs and limitations, we shift the focus to what gives us joy in life.

We believe that every woman should feel empowered. We give women the tools to own their achievements and to live life according to their values - ensuring peace and direction for the future.

Our Learning Modules


Module 1. Celebration

This is all about celebrating what it is to be a 'woman' - what it is to be 'me'! This module is an exploration of the building blocks of personal power. 

Module 2. Confidence and Self Exploration

Who am I? What do I offer? By answering these questions, we develop qualities and strengths to deal with pressure and stress. Drawing on inner resources, we learn to strengthen personal and professional relationships. 

Module 3. Story telling, Wisdom and Insight 

By telling our stories, we understand our potential, achievements and strengths. These insights empower us. You, me, each of us - we are all powerful. We each have stories, which means we have much to share. 

Module 4. Communication and Conflict Management 

"I hear you..." This modules centres on developing effective communication practices, to nurture healthy relationships and foster productive outcomes. 

wow values.png

Module 5. Skills and Tools

This module focuses on developing skills and tools to enhance your daily life. From improving the quality of your relationships to facing life's ongoing challenges, these skills will teach you how to manage the unexpected. 

Module 6. Social Impact

As women, each of us have the capacity to create a positive impact in the world. This module is about extending your vision from "I" to "we" and exploring our collective global impact. 

Our Experience

We have three decades of experience working as facilitators in diverse environments that include supporting and empowering women in their personal and professional growth. Between us we have facilitated over 1,000 women in corporate and community programs.

We also bring 25+ years of corporate experience at a senior management level, giving us first hand experience of what it is to be a female manager in a male dominated industry, the challenges this brings, and how to overcome them.

Our style of facilitation is innovative and experiential, as we draw on a vast background of creativity from working in the performing arts industry.


Past Programs

We have run Women of Worth programs for clients including ANZ Bank, Asia Pacific Retreat Centre, Customs Border Protection, Dysons Group of companies, Vetyard Shipping and more.

Many of these programs have been specifically for female corporate managers or female employees - often working in male dominated industries.

We have also run the WOW program in many indigenous communities and for women experiencing domestic violence, plus a range of other career and life coaching programs.