What is 'Women of Worth'?


The Women of Worth program helps women develop the personal resources to lead fearlessly wherever they are: in family, in community or in the workplace.

Over twenty years, the WOW program has worked in communities, corporate and indigenous spaces - empowering thousands of women across Australia and Asia-Pacific. 

WOW offers one or three-day experiences, where women come together to undertake a unique and personal journey of self discovery.


WOW helps women build confidence and resilience, by embracing the unique contribution they make in their world. Developing emotional management skills, women learn to engage in difficult dialogues and master and dispel conflict.  

Providing space and time for reflection, Women of Worth will help you distill key elements for success - who you are, where you're at, and where you're going. 


Women of Worth helps women to transform the stresses of daily life and thrive. 


What women are saying about WOW

"This program has brought new meaning to where I'm going in the future.  If you have the opportunity to come to one of these sessions, don't say no." 

Minelle, program participant.

"To anyone who's thinking about coming to the workshop: Come. I guarantee you that a part of you will shift. Even if it's small, this might just be one stepping stone to somewhere that's a much bigger destination." 

Tracey, program participant. 


Who we are


Annalise is a highly experienced business and community strategist who uses risk culture and governance principles to deliver sustainable outcomes across various industry sectors and community organisations, locally and globally.  


Christine studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) with a successful career in the performing arts.
Christine has used her skills to run workshops in developing creativity and innovation in the public and private sector. She has also run workshops for the empowerment of women across Australia and the Asia Pacific.